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獏良 了 ~ Bakura Ryou

Bakura Ryou [ 獏良 了 ]
2 September
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This is an RP journal for elysium_cruiser.

name: Bakura Ryou / Yami Bakura
series: Yuu-Gi-Oh!
residence: Domino, Japan. lives alone in a penthouse apartment (#801).
hobbies: playing Monster World, collecting MW pieces, playing Duel Monsters, building scale replicas of cities (specifically ancient cities)
prize possession: Sennen Ring his father got him from Egypt (recently destroyed)

full history: ryou first shows up in the manga near the end of the first arc as a transfer student to Domino High. Girls flock to him. and teachers criticize his appearance. he also meets yugi-tachi. he finds that he enjoys their company and envites them to come to his apartment to play monster world. when ryou sees yugi's sennen puzzle, something is wrong. when writing a letter to his sister that night, ryou begins hearing yami bakura's voice. the next day when yugi-tachi come over to play monster world, they find that ryou's actually yami bakura who seals each player into his respective piece. when yami bakura seal's yugi into his piece, he discovers yugi's other half, yami yugi. the two play moster world, and eventually yami yugi wins and seals yami bakura's soul into a pair of dice.

the next arc, ryou appears again and travels with yugi-tachi to duelist kingdom. there he serves as a motivator for jounouchi and yugi. (in the anime, the monster world battle is reinacted using duel monster cards instead of monster world pieces.) during battle city finals, yami bakura stirs up some trouble. after yami yugi defeats pegasus, yami bakura retrieves pegasus's sennen eye straight from the eye socket (and of course licks it with a sadistic expression =3) and then returns to domino, leaving ryou in control.

yami bakura appears half way through the battle city arc when he stands in front of malik's motorcycle to get malik's attention. yami bakura and malik make a deal that if yami bakura retrieved the god card osiris that malik would give him the sennen rod. yami bakura stabbs himself in the arm to pose as injured (really leaving ryou in control to be hurt and confused) and "randomly" meets up with yugi-tachi, who quickly take him to the hospital. this ploy eventually helps malik capture anzu and jounouchi. near the finals, yami bakura awakes, flees from the hospital, beats up some poor duelist and steals his disk and puzzle cards to enter the tournament finals. yami bakura duels yami yugi in the shadow realm in the first round of the finals and ultimately loses. later on with the help of a piece of the host malik, yami bakura challenges yami malik to a duel in the shadow realm and also loses.

[skipping the doma ark]

yami bakura reappears after battle city ends, donning a black trench coat. he stops a thief from stealing the three god cards then offers yugi the sennen eye "out of kindness".

eventually, yami yugi is thrown back to the memory world where he meets yami bakura's ancient version, tohzoku-oh (thief king) bakura. ancient bakura had witnessed the massacre of his village which was used to make the sennen items, which is the possible cause for his twisted personality. in his first appearance, he torments the pharaoh by raiding the former pharaoh aknamkanon's tomb and stealing the body and the treasure. the priests try to capture the dark ba within bakura (diabound) but fail. pharaoh chases him off by summoning obelisk. later, bakura attempts to steal the sennen eye from priest aknadin but fails and flees, which results in a chase. pharaoh-tachi follow bakura to a ravine where bakura and pharaoh fight and bakura eventually loses. enter zork. zork rewinds time and they have to fight the battle again, but this time pharaoh can't summon ra, so bakura and pharaoh try to fake each other out. bakura wins and pharaoh ends up in a ravine.

pharaoh and bakura eventually face off in bakura's hometown, kuru-elna. bakura almost wins except that the priests show up. the battle ensues and eventually pharaoh realizes that the entire world is fake. it's really a card-esque game played between yami yugi and yami bakura. using cards, yami bakura and yami yugi control thief bakura and pharaoh-tachi as they battle it out. eventually, theif bakura turns into sand and dissolves before the battle ends. in the end, yami yugi wins the card battle and supposedly banishes yami bakura forever. ryou completes the arc yami bakura-free.

another tidbit. ryou lives alone in a penthouse apartment (#801). his father is an archaeologist who runs the domino museum, his mother's occupation is unknown. his sister amane died sometime within the series.

the sennen ring is also gone after the series is over. since four times did someone try to banish yami bakura's soul - in a game/duel pre-duelist kingdom (manga)/duelist kingdom (anime); honda tried to throw the ring away in duelist kingdom; during battle city finals once by yami yuugi, the other by yami malik - and each time, yami bakura returned. so it's entirely possible that despite the ring being gone and yami yuugi once again banishing his soul, yami bakura is still within ryou.